Karlo Hosting

Setting up a Server

Create an Account

To get a server, you first need an account in our customer center. Now you will be prompted to register with Karlo Hosting.

Request an Server

Next select "Your Servers" and click on the top right corner. Then select the language you want to use and click "ORDNER NOW". Then wait until the deployment is done, copy the password and the username and log in to the server management panel with your provided password.

Setting up your Server

Now go to our server management panel and log in with your credentials. Now you should see a Panel like this.
Now click on your Server, and click on Files. Click upload and upload your bot File. After you uploaded the bot file make sure that the Server will start this file. For this go in the Panel on Startup and make sure that for JS the "Bot Js File", for Java "", for Python has the name of your uploaded bot.
We are always using the newest version of the programming language you selected, but you can change them by changing the Docker Image. If you are using Python or JavaScript you can install the packages by setting for python: "Additional Python Packages" or upload an requirements.txt or for JavaScript: "Additional Node Packages".
To start your server go back to Console and click "Start"
If you have any problems with this guide contact our support.